Want That Perfect Interior Weld? Purge Plugs Creates It In Seconds!

We Are Welders Like You and our Purge Plugs is our way of passing our knowledge onto you!

We began offering our Purge products in 2008 at the Fab Tech trade show and found that there was major interest and more importantly a need for these products. Since then we have sold 1000’s to a multitude of users in many industries. Such as food and beverage, orbital application, trade schools, aircraft engineering, exhaust manufacturer, pharmaceutical, breweries, and dairy.

Purge Plugs and the Purge Plug’s Back Purge are innovative tools developed in the field of sanitary welding over time to produce a more reliable purge environment. Purge Plug products are founded by Flowdynamics, a Southern California based company that has been serving the food processing industry for over 25 years. Originally, we used tape, hoses, miscellaneous end-caps, seal rings, and even foil to achieve a decent purge. But in the end, we found that it was constant battle using these makeshift items. So that when set out to make our productive and cost effective Purge Plugs.

We use nothing but the highest quality materials so they work effectively and have longevity. We cnc our billet aluminum so you can count on a tight fit. With its high temperature dual silicon rings you are sure to have the perfect seal EVERYTIME! Just push it in, hit the gas, and begin to weld. Our Purge products are well thought out, user friendly and the missing link to quality and consistent welds. Purge Plugs come in sets ranging from 11/2” to 4” (5 total) and fit the industry of food grade thin wall tubing. We offer them in 4 colors for easily identifying your tools when on the job site. The bodies are machined from FDA approved UHMW and the outer seal rings are made from high temp silicone sponge. Each plug has a diffuser for a uniform gas dispersion and a matching silicone vent plug with 3/16 vent. Each set comes with a heavy duty canvas embossed bag.

You will also find that the Purge Plug’s will minimize the time it takes to set up a purge. It will lower the costs of consumables. They are virtually indestructible. And the purge process is instantaneous.



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